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Disney Screencaps.com is a non-profit website that has been providing valuable visual information for animation fans, movie makers, and animators for years. I provide all our content free of charge, and have received countless emails over the years from teachers, parents, and budding animators letting me know how useful the site has been for them. I have really enjoyed running this website, but unfortunately, it looks like I will no longer be able to add new movies owned by Disney.

The Walt Disney Company no longer wants people to enjoy their movies in this way. Below is a full copy of the email I received from Tyler Rhoades, Antipiracy Coordinator for Walt Disney. I have been instructed to remove all Disney movies and images from my website, and to cease posting new Disney movies.

It is stated clearly on every page of the site that I am NOT affiliated with Disney, and that the caps on this very popular site are for educational and personal use only – but apparently this is not enough for them to consider allowing us to continue. If you disagree with this, don’t hesitate to let Mr. Rhoades know (his full contact information is included in the email below) – maybe if enough fans complain, he might change this mind or be able to reach a compromise of some sort with our site allowing us to continue.

(to read the full email, visit the website here)

As some of you may already know by now (I’m probably late, as usual) disneyscreencaps has been shut down of all Disney-related screencaps. Disney’s “antipiracy coordinator” sent the lovely owner of the website an email saying that they had to take everything down because the site isn’t affiliated with Disney.

Many tumblr users, myself included, use this website all the time, for graphics, RP promos, etc. The owner of disneyscreencaps was doing nothing wrong, and in support, fans have made a petition to send to Disney, asking that she can come back. This whole situation is bull, so if you can, please take a few minutes of your time to sign this petition, and then reblog this post, as I know a lot of us are going to miss it if it’s never allowed to come back.

Thank you!

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Belle by Rebekah Isaacs by AshcanAllstars

Cause he’s not a so difficult man to love

Belle for missdisneydreamer!

Rose and book by TaijaVigilia


Disney Fakt #191: The original script for Beauty and the Beast had Gaston walking into a room full of mirrors and never leaving because he had finally “found his soul mate”

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